I feel better than I have felt in yearsโ€ฆI prefer my life this way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— L. Johnston
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Catherine Burns BA hons, Dip ION

Catherine is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist and the founder and Managing Director of Natural. She has a science-based yet holistic and fun-loving approach to healthy living, working with expertise, authenticity and empathy. She uses proven preventive health care strategies to help her clients reach their goals.

Catherine graduated with BA Hons from Durham University in 2000 and went on to train with the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London, completing four years of hands-on training and clinical practice. Now, with over 15 years of experience in the industry, Catherine has worked with hundreds of people in Bermuda providing consultancy to worksites, businesses, community groups, families and individuals. 

Having seen incredible results when people truly understand how and why nutrition affects the way they feel, Catherine is a huge advocate for real education vs. a quick fix. This has influenced the philosophy of her company from the ground up with Catherine establishing relationships and supportive programs that help people follow through on their best intentions. Catherine believes that long term, nutritional choices will either build you up or knock you down. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients reach a place where they are making healthy choices because they genuinely want to, not because theyโ€™ve been told they have to.

Originally from the U.K., Catherine now also has Bermuda status and has two daughters aged 11 and 8. She has written the popular Food for Thought Column in the Royal Gazette for over 14 years and has also contributed to the Huffington Post. In 2016 she was recognized by the Bermuda Professional Women's Association with their Business Woman of the Year award.