“I have amazed myself that when, with a hangover, I was presented with a choice of burger and fries or a salad, I chose the salad!! Your mantra of “choose food that nourishes you” will stay with me forever.
— R. Bedford, Sandys
So delighted to see that you got the Best of Bermuda award for “Best Healthcare Professional” - well deserved! Many congratulations! You have made such a difference to so many lives. Thanks for being such a positive force for change on this island. All the best, and I’ll continue to refer people forwards to you!
— Dr. Catherine Wakeley, Family Practice Group
Yesterday my daughter said to me for the first time ever, “mummy my tummy doesn’t hurt!” I can’t tell you how happy that made me. It seems she is much more comfortable and of course, that has affected her mood. She was in the best mood I have seen for months yesterday!
— Tricia Hill, Devonshire
Since my baby boy was born a year ago, Catherine has been an invaluable source of information and advice for me. Her seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of infant and child nutritional needs and her calm and balanced approach has helped me find my way through the maze of mixed opinions on weening (when to do it, what to feed your baby and how).
— Eve Foster, Warwick

Nutrifit Testimonials

A fabulously easy to follow course with great weight loss results and sense of wellbeing. Catherine’s knowledge, support and advice are second to none!
— C. Sage
I thoroughly enjoyed the whole 6 weeks, there was a good sense of camaraderie amongst the participants.
— M. Warne
Nutrifit is the best “diet” program on the island. It is affordable and it’s a life style change not a quick fix to a healthier and happier life. Nutrifit for life, it works!!
— S. Reece
As a migraine sufferer I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who suffers from them. This has reduced my migraines down from on average two major attacks a week to not having any major attacks to date since the start of programme. I am prescription medication free for the first time since being diagnosed with migraines almost twenty years ago and I have not had to take any Advil Migraine to date either. This is an experience that I never thought I would ever have again. Thank you Catherine and I hope you can help more migraine sufferers live a medication free life too!
— M. Jennings
This has been a good experience for me. It has come at the right time and I was ready for the content. I am still 8 to 10lbs away from my goal but much more in control of my weight. In fact I would say this is my greatest overall learning from this programme. I have learned how to regulate my weight and continue to enjoy eating. I felt Catherine was genuinely interested in us as individuals. She has a very supportive approach laced with humour. The group sessions were informative and carried out with a light touch. Some of it was stuff I already knew but the review didn’t hurt and the new (for me) concepts were clearly presented and easy to grasp. It was just what I needed.
— P. White.
Loved the course, it has made me think more about the bigger food/health picture for me and my children. The feedback was personal and had lots of positive ways to improve (I didn’t feel like a child being told off!)
— M. Harding

Beat the Couch Testimonials

I had always read about the program and kept thinking I could not do it. I totally enjoyed it - knowing I was getting fit and accomplishing something I always wanted to do. The trainers are excellent and everyone in the program are all cheering for each other. Catherine does an amazing job making each person feel very special to her. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to do this.
LIFE CHANGING!!!! I am a runner now! :)
Fantastic. Enjoyed every run, after I’d finished!! Plenty of advice and encouragement during the sessions and also when I was injured (self and work inflicted). The program was gradual and well structured to build confidence. Pep talks before all the big jumps in running time were also appreciated. There were also no surprises as everything was explained ahead of time. I had never run a race before but felt ready when I got to the start line.
Absolutely a great program! Really supportive coaches who provided encouragement and who believed in your ability even when you doubted yourself! Will highly recommend this for people who want a supported program to get fit - even if they choose not to continue to focus on running. Will definitely maintain a more active lifestyle going forward as a result of the benefits of this experience!
Overall was amazing. This is something I have been trying to accomplish for a while and am so happy that I have finally reached my goal! I will keep it up now. This won’t be the last you have seen of me.

Corporate Feedback

The BTC program was a great way to kick start a return to an active lifestyle. The pounds had been creeping back on and I had always hated running. With the support of the trainers, I was able to refine my terrible running technique making my runs more efficient and pain free (back condition). The nutrition guide was simple to follow, provided options and proved very effective. I was never hungry, was able to find things to eat when I dined out and lost 20 pounds during the program! As part of our ongoing Wellness programs, Bermuda Forwarders co-paid the entry fee for those members of staff that completed the program and we will do it again should anyone else want to test themselves and make a lifestyle change.
— Nick Kempe, Vice President of Bermuda Forwarders Ltd.

Community Testimonials

I just wanted to thank you again for coming. My students LOVED your presentation and they’re so eager to tell their parents what they learned today. You and Ms. Sarah were amazing!
— Tiffany Butterfield, P4 teacher, Purvis Primary