After a decade of proven results and experience, many of our preventive health care services are now covered by Bermuda’s major domestic health insurers. Here’s a breakdown of general coverage options from ArgusBF&M and Colonial. Please note that these are estimates only and are based on no previous nutrition claims in the policy year. We don't have coverage from GEHI as yet, but are willing to work with you. Please contact us for options. For help with estimating or confirmation of your coverage please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Co-pay = the part of the payment that you are responsible for.

All clients utilising health insurance benefits need to complete a New Patient Sheet. We will submit claims on your behalf, don’t worry! You only need to pay your copay.

Argus Co-pay*:     $50 (one per year)

BF&M Co-pay*:    $38 (one per year)

Colonial Co-pay*: $150 (one per year)

* the part of the payment you are responsible for

Initial one to one consultation (45mins) $190


Argus Co-pay*:     $30 (up to six per year)

BF&M Co-pay*:    $30 (up to six per year)

Colonial Co-pay*: $50 (up to 10 per year)

* the part of the payment you are responsible for

Follow up consultation (30mins)              $90

Please note that these prices are based on no previous utilization of above benefits. Previous claims may reduce benefit options but should still be helpful. Contact us for a quote!

Argus Co-pay*: $120

BF&M Co-pay*: $38

Colonial Co-pay*: $150

* the part of the payment you are responsible for

Nutrifit (6 Week Nutrition Intensive)     $470

For pricing regarding membership, worksite services, Chef Shop nights, Natural Nights Out, Beat the Couch (and more!) please see the relevant flyers. Thank you! 

Natural Equalizer

We believe that education is the best possible social equalizer. We don’t want financial limitations to restrict your access to our core services and fortunately, extensive insurance coverage helps with that. However, we recognize that some people don’t have the insurance coverage required or may be limited when it comes to co-pays. For this reason, we set aside a certain number of course and consultancy spaces through the year to allocate to people who would otherwise be unable to afford to see us. This is based on an honor system as we don’t means test. If you would like to be added to the waiting list for supported services, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you as soon as we can. Please note that we are a relatively tiny company (with a big heart) and we will do our best without giving our accountant palpitations! Big thanks go to our past-clients and private donors who also help to make this possible through their contributions.