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Welcome to Natural!

If you are looking for effective healthy living strategies with a great track record, then you are in the right place. Natural Ltd is a Nutritional Therapy consultancy offering preventive health solutions for individuals, families and worksites. We have a natural, wholefood and fun-loving approach to nutrition, offering real solutions, for real people, who like to eat and enjoy real food. Our goal is to help you change the way you think permanently – understanding the link between what you eat and how you feel. Through detailed education about how your body works, we help make the healthy choice, the easy choice.

Whether you want to improve your own health, the health of your family or your workplace, we have flexible solutions for a unique fit. Explore our range of classes and consulting options to find out more!

“I have taken control of my life again. I can speak to my children about healthy eating with authority and assist them to make good food choices. It’s amazing how people react differently when they see me. I’ve gained the knowledge and power to control my weight – self-confidence which resonates in all areas of my life. I look and feel good – I’ve got my groove back!”
Denice Dane, Nutrifit participant.

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Balance your desire for a healthy lifestyle with your need to meet the demands of your active day by being a member of Bermuda’s favourite place to play – Court House. It’s the ultimate in professional convenience and personal well-being. And it’s here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays. We offer state of the art gym equipment, 3 air conditioned squash courts and a wide-range of fitness classes in our Sessions studio.

Our professional team and modern, sophisticated surroundings make working out the best part of your day. Check us out at:

Beat the Couch - Testimonials

Here are just a few testimonials from previous participants:

“The progression in your training is amazing… there was no way I ever thought I could run a 5K! To be on the other side feels fantastic!”

“Today I feel like a different person, i have acheived something I never thought I would and I have a new outlook on what I can acheive if I have the support and the determination.”

“Amazing. I have tried SO many times to become a “runner”. And i’d go once or twice then quit. Having the support system has been invaluable.”

“To Catherine, Chuck & Serge… A Huge Thank You! The experience has been life-changing! I have set a new standard for myself! It has become a passion for me and I cant wait for the next 5k!”

“ Catherine, Sergio and Chuck were inspiring to me in many ways – they make an awesome team and am proud to say that they trained me – well pushed me to meet my goal – I ran a 5k!!!!!! Wooooohoooooooo!”

“Cat, your wisdom, guidance, encouragement and sense of humour are motivating and inspiring. You also kick butt when you have to! Thank you to you and your team for changing the fitness level of many, many people on this island. Well done!!!”

Catherine Burns

Catherine Burns

Catherine Burns (BA Hons, Dip ION) is a graduate of Durham University (U.K), a Nutritional Therapist trained by the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) in London, U.K. and the Managing Director of Natural Ltd. She established the Natural Network in recognition of the fact that complementary health care strategies are at their most effective when utilized in an integrated way.

Since qualifying with ION, Catherine has worked with a huge variety of individuals, private groups and worksites in Bermuda. Having worked as the Wellness Manager for one of Bermuda’s largest health insurers for over six years, Catherine still consults in this field. She has specialized in weight management and family nutrition but also has a great deal of experience in other areas of preventive health care, including (for example) fatigue, migraine, hormone balance and digestive problems. Catherine also runs Nutrifit, her popular six week nutrition and fitness programme and writes a weekly nutrition column for the Royal Gazette (Food for Thought.)

Catherine has a holistic, whole-food and fun-loving approach to healthy living. She believes that food should be enjoyed and as such is careful to work with each client individually, to determine realistic parameters and goals.

Most importantly, Catherine is Mum to two little girls and strives every day to help make Bermuda a healthier place in which children can learn and grow.

Sergio White

Sergio White

Bermudian born Sergio White received his personal training diploma at the National Personal Training Institute (N.P.T.I.) in Wilmington, Delaware and is now the owner of Positive Results gym in Hamilton. Sergio has nine years of experience in both personal training and group training, teaching classes such as spinning, boot camp, group fitness and body bar. He has instructed numerous Body for Life programs and trained Bermuda’s World Cup cricket team in 2006. Sergio is a sergeant in the Bermuda Regiment and serves as one of their qualified physical training instructors. In order to acquire this qualification he had to undergo rigorous military training in Aldershot, England. He has also won the novice category in the Bermuda Night of Champions body building championship. Sergio teamed up with Catherine Burns (Natural Ltd) in 2008 and has been providing the group training for Nutrifit ever since.

Sergio’s interest in health and fitness arose from losing both parents at an early age to cancer. As a result, Sergio is dedicated to helping others to reduce health risks that make them more prone to cancer and other life threatening diseases. Sergio has a deep interest in supporting organizations that provide cancer treatment and assistance, as well as those that support the youth of Bermuda. His personal philosophy of health and wellness has made him a success in this industry and he is a valuable member of the Nutrifit team.

For more information or contact details, please go to

Susie Switch FAQ

Q: Your original poem used to talk about Susie giving the candy to her cats, why did you change it to her bats? And how will I explain that to my kids?
A: Some parents were concerned that their children might try and feed candy to their own family cat or dog after hearing the poem. We changed it to Susies bats to mitigate this problem (unless any families out there have pet bats, in which case, sorry!) Catherine explained it to her own children by saying that the writer misheard Susie the first time, and has since corrected it. We hope that works for you too. Good luck!

Q: Why has the last verse changed? Didn’t it used to say that the “switch” would be left on the child’s bed?
A: This was based on parent-feedback too. Some children were afraid of Susie entering their bedroom (although we hope the illustration helps convey that she is friendly!) This way, the “switch” can take place wherever you like. Some children were more comfortable with downstairs, or outside the front door.

Q: Isn’t this just more commercialisation of Halloween? Another thing to buy for our children? Aren’t we wasting the candy?
A: That all depends on perspective. At this stage Susie Switch is available completely free of charge on our website. We hope to have a book one day should you choose to buy it! However, Susie Switch was created with health-concious families in mind. We know that many parents like to let their children take part in the fun, but cringe at all the sugar and artificial dyes. We also recognise that some children suffer from immediate consequences with issues such as allergies/hyperactivity and others may have a chronic weight problem. The “switch” doesn’t have to be purchased, it could be a token for a family movie night or some other kind of activity. As for wasting the candy – it’s better off in the trash than in your kid! (But you could give it away.)

Q: Why don’t you mention weight in the poems?
A: Although a healthy body weight/composition is important, it’s not a helpful focus for children. It’s more useful (and motivating) to focus on what a healthy body can DO, rather than on how it LOOKS (we all know that looks can be deceiving!)

Q: How can I use Susie Switch to help my family be more healthy?
A: Catherine originally wrote her version of the Switch Witch concept to help parents teach their kids how to spot artificial dyes (e.g. Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1, Blue 2, Red 40, Green 3, “Lake” colours and anything that says “artificial” colours). These dyes have been linked to a variety of health issues including ADD/ADHD and tumour growth (see After trick or treating, the kids sorted through all the candy making a pile of what was more natural (e.g. Yummy Earth lollipops) and a pile of what was artificially dyed (e.g. M&Ms or Crayola “colour my tongue” pops.) They gave all the artificial stuff to Susie and kept the more natural options. Other families use the poem to sort through allergy items or just to limit quantity in total. Some kids give a few things to the Susie Switch, and some give everything – it’s your call!

Q: What’s the purpose of the new naughty bats poem?
A: This is a fun extension of the Susie Switch concept and has been designed to help encourage fussy eaters to try more new foods! It can also be used as a general concept – a way of explaining to kids how junk food can contribute to irritability and fatigue, and how healthy food helps to build a strong body and gives them an energy boost!