Thanks for an amazing journey over the past 6 weeks! Everyone needs to know this. I can’t believe how different I feel!
— M. Gallagher

Nutrifit is an award-winning 6-week optimum nutrition intensive, designed to help you lose weight (if you need to), improve your body composition, boost your energy and re-think lifestyle factors that have been standing in your way. It’s a great opportunity to learn how nutrition really works so you can make informed choices that impact how well you feel each and every day. We’ll teach you our signature preventive health care strategies for balancing blood sugar and improving digestion, as well as giving you all the essential info on antioxidants, detox, the right kind of fats and choosing organics that work within your budget. To make sure that you have a truly holistic overhaul, we also dedicate a week to stress and sleep too.

Nutrifit began in 2008 when Catherine wrote the course as a one-off for a group of clients who all wanted to know one thing – how they could manage their weight in a healthy and sustainable way. By the time the first course was finished, the next one was fully booked and it snowballed from there. Every year the content is reviewed and updated so you can be sure that you’re receiving completely current guidelines within the best practices of Nutritional Therapy.

The Nutrifit programme is taught onsite for workplace wellness programs and is also regularly scheduled through the year for those who want to participate independently. View our What’s On page to see when the next one starts!   

Costs vary according to your level of insurance coverage, so please see details on our coverage page.

The 6 week program includes:

  •  90 minute introductory class with complete resources
  • State of the art InBody Test to determine existing body composition and goals
  •  One to one assessment with Catherine, tailoring the program to your needs and preferences
  •  Optional weekly biometric tracking for weight, body fat and measurements
  •  6 one hour nutrition classes covering key fundamentals and advanced concepts
  • Label reading and grocery store tur
  • Weekly meal plans and recipe suggestions
  • Plan to Eat online meal-planning and recipe sharing resource
  • Day to day email/text support from Catherine