Royal Gazette: A healthy glow - from the inside out

October 28th 2016

I wonder how many back injuries have been caused by Lulu Lemon clothing? Do you think Argus has a special diagnosis code? Kinda easy on, not-so easy off, I became trapped last night with the loose shirt over my head, but the inbuilt bra firmly clamped to my body. A fine layer of sweat had cemented it there and no amount of contortionism was setting me free. If you’ve ever watched YouTube videos of cats trying to reverse out of paper grocery bags, then you’re close to imaging the spectacle.

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Royal Gazette: A very festive pick-me-up!

December 16th 2016

I missed writing this last week because we were fully immersed in the last week of Beat the Couch and I literally forgot what day it was. On the upside, we had 70 runners complete their ten-week challenge and run their first — or first-in-a-very-long-time — 5k. Race day is always a rewarding moment and, as usual, I was trying to hold it together and not cry all over the medals. Good job we were doing the BTC Glow Run and it was dark!

Earlier on, I’d spent most of the day working with one of the America’s Cup teams. As I sped off to get ready for Beat the Couch, it struck me how I was going from one fitness extreme to the other.

But as impressive as the AC boys are, I was just as impressed with our crew too.

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Royal Gazette: Why all love should be treated equal


June 17th 2016

Stop the press. It seems the most effective form of contraception for the next generation may not be birth control pills or condoms, but instead, subjecting them to episodes of Call the Midwife.

I didn’t hear little Belle creep downstairs after bedtime. I just turned around to find her standing behind me in the kitchen, staring wide-eyed at the Mac. Before I could shut down Netflix, she had witnessed two nuns delivering twins from a sweaty, bellowing woman who looked like she was on the brink of death. I showed her how happy the mother was just seconds afterwards, cradling her newborns and crying happy tears. That made no difference to Belle whatsoever. She announced she was never having children or even a husband for that matter.

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Beach runs, naked men and a healthy mindset for 2017! (somehow those all go together.....)

Food for Thought, Friday 23rd December 2017

Today's run to the beach and back was definitely the most eventful so far. First off, I was clipped by a taxi on the way (life flashed before my eyes and everything!) Then I was soaked by a rogue wave as I climbed over the rocks and not just a splash but a head-to-toe, made-me-gasp unexpected dunking. Finally as I ran back along to where I'd left my shoes, I noticed a man changing into his shorts in a little cove. I may be Bermudian now but the English girl is still alive and well, so I obviously pretended I hadn't noticed. I slowed down, gazed out to sea and gave him enough time to reclaim his modesty. When I was 100 percent sure I'd given him enough space, I ran towards my shoes about 30 feet away. Except he wasn't fully clothed, he was now lying completely naked, face up, stretched out on a towel. I'm not sure if it's common for pensioners to sun themselves in the nude on Warwick Long Bay (in winter might I add!) but I then had a moment of absolutely not knowing what to do. Fetch my shoes but get closer (I'm not a prude but this was not a good naked situation), or run for the hills? I've always wanted to be a barefoot runner, but given my luck so far I thought footwear for the home stretch might be wise. I ran over, said Good Morning (see, Bermudian), picked up my shoes and fled. Robbed of the opportunity to rinse my feet in the ocean, I swore all the way home. I love pink sand, but not in my socks.

Despite those little dramas, I still arrived home feeling amazing – sweaty, accomplished and focused. It didn't used to feel good when I ran. To start with, it felt as if every organ in my body was banging together (which it probably was) and I was overall embarrassed by the shape I was in.  But I'd set myself a goal and was too proud to quit. I wanted to stop, but I wanted to not stop more.... and that mindset became my saving grace.

Whether or not you achieve your health goals in 2017 will depend on a number of things. Having watched people hit the mark or fall short for over 12 years, I’ve grown good at spotting the people who are genuinely ready to change. Ultimately, you’ll know you’ve succeeded when you’re living a healthy life because you genuinely want to, not because you have to. Here are my three top tips for getting yourself there:

Three top tips for a healthy mindset :

1. Be determined

Do what you love but be prepared to put the work in to make it something you love. You've got to get through the discomfort first, whether it's putting your body through a tough workout or allowing your tastebuds to adapt to simpler food. If it doesn’t challenge you, it’s not going to feel so good when you get to your goal, so grit your teeth and embrace the awkward, painful or exhausting moments. It’s all part of the process. Step up! 

2. Be realistic, be guided

It’s really important to pick a realistic goal, so make sure you are working with a professional that can help you establish something suitable. For example, it may be that measuring your weight isn’t the best idea for you and that tracking body composition – especially fat loss – is a better marker for success. If you’re starting out running, you might not want to go for a marathon straight away. Take a good look at how much time you have to train and any injury history too, then chat with a trainer to make sure you’ve set your sights on something practical.

3. Be committed  

Set your goals and then commit. Some people find it’s helpful if they share their goals with friends, family or co-workers so that they are accountable every day. Signing up to a program or membership is a great way to follow through on early motivation. At Natural we’ve just launched a new membership that begins with a two-week Clean Eating detox (Jan 6th) and follows through with 18 other wellness events through the year (come to some or all.) It’s $250 for the entire year so it’s just about the best deal out there! We also have Nutrifit starting on January 26th and Beat the Couch (Season 9) starting on February 23rd. Finally we’ve partnered with Court House to bring you the official Bermuda Triple Challenge training for 2017 – so if you’ve always wanted to navigate 75 obstacles over three amazing locations in three days, now is your chance! Training begins on January 9th and the events take place the weekend of March 17th. So whether you’re just starting out or looking for something a little more hardcore, we’ve got something for everyone. Check out our new website at for details.