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Nutrifit for Kids & Teens (Summer Intensives 2019)

Nutrition is a powerful optimiser and differentiator across all areas of well-being, performance and development. You can support and boost your children’s academics, energy, mood, immune system AND even their sports outcomes too…. just send to them to Natural for our summer intensive!

PLEASE NOTE that due to demand, we have allocated one whole week to slightly younger kids, aged 8-12 (week 3) and created an additional group for them in week 4. For specific dates, please see below.

This is a three-part course, scheduled on tues/weds/thurs evenings in one week. Each evening the kids/teens will take two fun modules, with a break and lots of healthy snacks inbetween!

The program takes all the know-how from the adult Nutrifit course and presents it within a kid/teen context. They will learn exactly how blood sugar balance works, how to buffer their bodies from stress, why sleep is important and how to improve their digestion. They’ll also learn why antioxidants and good fats are essential, how the liver works and what the big issues are when it comes to local produce and organics.

The idea is to provide everyone with a thorough understanding of how what they eat impacts how well they think, perform and feel. I’ll give them insight into the dynamics of our current food environment and how they can use their choices to their advantage. Kids will be kids, teens will be teens. I’m not saying they’ll never eat candy or drink soda again…. but they’ll leave looking at junk differently and knowing how to manage their diet in a healthy, happy, balanced way.


Option 1: 16/17/18 July (13-17 years)

Option 2: 23/24/25 July (13-17 years) UNAVAILABLE

Option 3: 20/21/22 August (for younger kids! 8-12 years.) FOUR SPOTS LEFT

Option 4: 27/28/29 August (13-17 years and 8-12 years… two separate groups) FOUR SPOTS FOR KIDS, FIVE FOR TEENS.

Classes are structured as follows:

(Please note there will be a little reading sent ahead of time to make sure that everyone begins with the same baseline level of knowledge regarding protein, carb, fat and micronutrient categories.)

Session 1, Class 1

Setting the context: How healthy are you? How can you tell? Why is it important for Bermuda and why is it important for YOU? Use Optimum Nutrition as your differentiator.

Session 1, Class 2

Balancing your blood sugar. The most important thing you can ever learn about your health, impacting your focus at school, your energy for sport, your mood and your hormones too. Learn how blood sugar is connected to body composition and disease prevention.

Session 2, Class 1

How to manage your stress and anxiety. Why sleep matters, especially when you’re at school. The best excuse ever to stay in bed!

Session 2, Class 2

Your digestion. It’s not just what you eat that matters, what you absorb matters too - and there’s a difference. How digestion impacts energy, skin health and how the bacteria in your gut talk to your brain!

Session 3, Class 1

Fruit & Vegetables stop your body rotting! How they connect to your immune system, skin health, mental health AND protect your body as you exercise.

Good fats. Wait, what? Yep some fats are good for you. Let’s explore why.

Session 3, Class 2

Our crazy food environment. What’s going on in food production that you should know! Spotting what’s REALLY important and considering the bigger issues in the world around you.


Cost ($100 - $380, insurance coverage depending):

Includes all 6 classes (over 3 evenings) and personal feedback to a nutrition assessment.

The program costs $380 per person. However participation in Nutrifit is covered partially by Argus, BF&M and Colonial which reduces the payment for those with coverage. We process your claims so you only need to pay your copay (variable copays listed below.) Please note that insurance coverage eligibility varies according to your policy so please confirm that if your child is with Argus/BF&M that they are covered for Medical Nutrition Therapy. If your child is with Colonial, please confirm they are covered for Holistic Care. You also need to make sure that they have space to claim within these brackets. If your child is with Argus/BF&M and hasn’t consulted with another Nutritionist or Dietician within this policy year then that should be fine. If your child is with Colonial and hasn’t made any other claims under Holistic Care then that should be fine too. If they have made claims, please call your provider to confirm what benefits they have left remaining. Please note that parents are responsible for any remaining amount that is not covered.

Copays (the amount you need to pay to Natural upfront) are as follows:

Argus: $120

BF&M: $100

Colonial: $180

GEHI/Other: $380*

(*we have a Natural Equalizer policy and try to make sure that everyone has access to our resources. We always allocate a couple of spots on each group program to people who are unable to afford to participate. This is based on an honour system. If you are genuinely unable to afford the program but have a high need, then please contact me to discuss access. We may have to waitlist you but we will do our best!)

For a flyer to share with family, friends and coworkers, please click here!

TO REGISTER, please click here. In addition, if you are going to be utilising insurance benefits and paying a co-pay only, then please complete this form. You’ll need to upload it into the registration document (it’s easy, don’t worry! Just complete the form by hand, scan it or take a photo, save it to your desktop and upload at the prompt. If it’s too much hassle you can skip that step for now but please email it to me asap.)

PAYMENTS: this MUST be done to secure your spot. Please send your payment online to Natural Ltd, Clarien bank, acc# 4710912072. It’s handy if you can email me to let me know to expect it: Thanks!