Consultancy & Testing

After 12 years in the business, there’s one thing we’re sure of: that different people, need different things at different times. As such, we’ve evolved to offer a wide range of services that includes one-to-one consultancy and group programs (private, worksite or community wide.)

One to One consultancy with Catherine Burns takes place in the private clinic at the Natural office. Catherine specializes in weight management, family nutrition, sports nutrition and preventive healthcare. She has a great deal of experience working with those who have anxiety/panic disorder, hormone imbalance and digestive problems, as well as working with athletes to improve their endurance and recovery.

How to get started:

Simply contact us to set up your initial visit. We’ll send you our intake forms, directions and fee schedule for any relevant insurance benefits. Please make sure you complete everything thoroughly, including the food diary. You can then email them to Catherine ahead of time or bring them with you on the day.


Initial Consultation (45 minutes): $190

Follow Up Consultation (30 minutes): $90


Nutrigenomix is the brand name of a University of Toronto biotechnology company, founded by global leaders in Nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics looks at the interaction between our genes and our diet, which can positively or negatively influence our health and performance. The Nutrigenomix test is non-invasive (saliva sample) and assesses 45 variations in genes that impact an individual’s response to their diet and training. It’s an incredibly useful tool for accelerating results and fine-tuning personalized nutrition guidelines.

Nutrigenomix Personalized Nutrition & Fitness Report: $399

When it comes to fat loss and body composition in general, InBody testing allows us to see what’s going on from the inside, out. Having overcome the obstacles of former X testing, the InBody analyzer accurately measures weight, lean muscle mass and percentage body fat. Importantly, the lean muscle mass and percentage body fat measurements are broken down across different areas of the body, so it’s easier to see where improvements are being made. When it comes to body fat, we can also take a look at visceral fat – that’s the fat that’s less obvious from the outside.

InBody testing: $40


So, if your goal is to improve your body composition (and not just your weight), let’s book you in for an InBodytest and a one to one consultation, quick sharp.