This is our second year of Natural Nutrition membership and we've lined up an amazing schedule of wellness events for 2018. We took a good look at what worked well last year, asked you what YOU wanted this year and made some changes to ensure that we build on our successes and work out the kinks too!

2018 Membership includes: (you can join pro-rated at any time of year)

  • Two-week New Year Cleanse (liver detox: updated with NEW meal plans and recipes) 
  • Two-week Summertime Cleanse (anti-aging: also updated with NEW meal plans and recipes)
  • 23 nutrition seminars throughout the year (lunchtime and evening options, 11 updated and 12 with entirely new content) 
  • Optional weekly weigh-ins and biometrics for accountability (Drop in Thursdays, 12.30 -2.00pm)
  • Monthly emails and quarterly Natural News  

For the complete calendar, please click here. (Note that all events in green are included in your membership.)

Why choose us?

Membership provides year-round access to high-level nutrition expertise. It keeps you up-to-date and gives you clarity in a field that's cluttered with new (and often conflicting) information. 

Rather than providing quick-fixes, our hands on solutions are genuinely nourishing and suited to real-life, real-world application, using expert strategies that succeed over and over again. Online options can provide a fantastic base-layer of wellness education but nothing tops a personalized service from people who know Bermuda inside-out.

We live in a fairly unique ecological and social environment, so we recommend climate-specific, shop-specific, tradition-specific protocols that you can put into place right away, using resources on your door-step. We have genuine empathy and infectious enthusiasm – and pride ourselves on providing exactly that.

By providing this group service, we've been able to package our events up into an incredibly economical membership price. So if you, your friends, family or co-workers need inspiration and motivation to stay healthy through the year, then see the details below and call us with any questions.

Again, for the complete calendar, please click here. (Note that all events in green are included in your membership.) Pricing is below. If you're ready to sign up, please email - we'd love to have you join us! 

Membership Pricing

Annual pricing (pro-rated after January)  

Individual (renewal): $225

Individual (new member): $250

Family membership* (new for 2018): $400

(* includes parents, children, grandparents and one nanny/caregiver) 

10% discount benefit for Court House Squash & Wellness members and Inside Out Wellness Centre clients.

Sign up! Click here for your form.

Corporate pricing (annual pricing only, membership runs for 365 days from start date)

100+ employees: $125 per person

50 - 99 employees: $155 per person

20 - 49 employees: $185 per person

<20 employees: $250 per person 

Corporate notes:

  • If you have employees who have already purchased individual membership, their individual payment will be reimbursed for remaining months that overlap. 
  • All corporate memberships for 20 employees or more include two onsite seminars and an onsite nutrition audit (let us review your onsite catering/snack/drink options and make suggestions for improvements).