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Nutrigenomics: Nutrition and Your DNA!

Wednesday March 27th 2019, 6-7pm at Natural Nutrition (3rd floor, Mechanics’ Building, 12 Church Street, Hamilton)

Nutrigenomics is the scientific study of the interaction between a persons nutrition and their genes, with an emphasis on preventive health strategies. Nutrition guidelines based on DNA results are especially useful as they take out much of the guess-work and also tend to improve compliance considerably. Having guidelines tailored specifically to your DNA feels much more prescriptive and effective! At Natural Nutrition, I use saliva testing from a laboratory called Nutrigenomix based at the University of Toronto. This seminar will cover:

  • An introduction to nutrigenomics - what exactly is it, what is the clinical relevance for disease prevention/weight management and how accurate are the results?

  • A discussion around the interaction between genes and lifestyle. Does a genetic predisposition always play out or are there dietary/lifestyle factors within your control?

  • An overview of Nutrigenomix testing: what it involves, what the results will show you, privacy laws, relevance to you and a look at sample results.

This is a member event and FREE for members of Natural Nutrition. Non-members are welcome for a fee of $25.

Pre-registration is essential. Please sign up here: