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January Cleanse 2019: Digestive Detox with a Difference!

Our popular 2-week cleanse is back and this time we’re focusing on your digestion! This is a great way to re-set your taste buds and start afresh in 2019! You’ll see improvements in energy, body composition, hormone balance and we’ll give your digestive system a clean sweep too. If you experience bloating, irregularities, heartburn, gut-flora dysbiosis or fatigue (maybe even all of them) then let me help you put some preventive strategies in place!

I’ll be giving you a flexible plan that includes recipes, supplements and some lifestyle tips too. Do as much or as little as you like! Some people choose to go all out, others prefer baby-steps. Either is fine by us!

Why is our detox different? Well aside from providing you with careful nutritional expertise, we’ll also have guidelines from Success Coach, Julia Pitt. Most of us know generally what we should be doing… so why aren’t we doing it? Julia will help us detox the habits and behaviours that are standing in our way long term. (She’ll also be providing a more in-depth seminar if you’d like to attend for a small extra cost.)


This Cleanse is FREE for Natural Nutrition members or $85 for non-members. If you are interested in learning more about our membership (definitely check it out - we’re really excited about the benefits this year!) then just go to:


If you like to participate as a member, please complete this form and just let us know that you’d like to do the cleanse. If you’d prefer to do the cleanse-only, then complete this form instead!


Intro night: Thursday 17th January, 6pm at Natural Nutrition

Cleanse dates: 21st Jan - 3rd Feb

Extra Success Coaching seminar (small fee applies): Thursday 24th January, 6.30pm at Natural Nutrition


If you’d like a poster for your workplace, you can get yours here!

Earlier Event: December 11
Stress-Less this Christmas!